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Teen Town is a DownBeat Award-winning powerhouse jazz fusion trio led by the multiple award-winning 15-year-old bassist Gabriel Severn, with Logan Bedard on drums and Connor Rohrer on keys. 


Nominated for Best Jazz Artist by the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame, these teen phenoms are taking audiences by storm with their energy, their undeniable chemistry, and their exceptional talent. Named after the prominent jazz fusion tune of the '70s, Teen Town performs a mix of their jazz fusion originals plus unique covers that weave jazz, funk, rock and world rhythms into tunes by luminaries such as the Average White Band, Weather Report, the Yellowjackets, and Chick Corea. Close your eyes and you'd think they've been playing together for decades.


"Teen Town unassumingly walked onstage, then proceeded to floor the place with 30 minutes of jazz fusion covers from such luminaries as Weather Report and David Sanborn."    -The Reading Eagle


Origin: Central Pennsylvania

Genre: Jazz Fusion

Years Active: 2017 - Present

Official Website: www.gabrielsevern.com/teen-town

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"Web Clip" & "Antisocial Media" (cover) - Teen Town
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"Havona" (cover) - Teen Town
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"Run for Cover" live (cover) - Teen Town live
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"Red Sea" live (cover) - Teen Town live
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"Necessary Blonde" live (cover) - Teen Town live
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"The Chicken" live (cover) - Teen Town live
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WVIA FM, June 2019: “Homegrown Music Sessions: Teen Town”

Reading Eagle, April 2019: “Teen Town Prepares for Second Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest”

WFMZ TV, April 2019: “The Student Surpasses the Master at Berks Jazz Fest”

“The electric fusion band Teen Town had Connor Rohrer on keyboards (18 years old), Logan Bedard on drums (16), and 13-year-old Gabriel Severn on five- and six-string basses. Severn amazed with his virtuosity, which probably inspired experienced bassists to increase their daily practice time.” - The Morning Call, July 2018. Full article: “Review: Christmas City Jazz Festival Tops in Musical Quality”

“Teen Town unassumingly walked onstage, then proceeded to floor the place with 30 minutes of jazz fusion covers from such luminaries as Weather Report and David Sanborn. The group took its name from the Weather Report song written by and featuring fretless-bass wunderkind Jaco Pastorius. That song made an appearance in the set, with 13-year-old (!!!) bassist Gabriel Severn conjuring up the spirit of the late Jaco as his fingers effortlessly and tastefully flew across the neck. His slightly timid between-song comments revealed his age, but when he, 15-year-old drummer Logan Bedard and 18- year-old keyboardist Connor Rohrer launched into another song, you'd think you were listening to musicians much older than they are. Like (Victor) Wooten. ‘I just realized backstage that I'm older than all three of those kids combined,’ Wooten joked. The future is bright.”  - The Reading Eagle, April 2018 (article is archived) 

“(Director) Ernesto says he’s excited by that show’s opening act: Teen Town, led by Gabriel Severn, who at just 12 is ‘a killer bass player,’ Ernesto says. The other members are 15 and 18. ‘I saw them play live and I couldn’t believe what I was watching from these kids.’ ” - The Morning Call, April 2018. Full article: “2018 Berks Jazz Fest: Your Swinging Guide to the 28th Annual Event in Reading”


TBA: Musikfest, August 2020


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